Only Several Thousand Words Behind

Whew, that took a bit of work, but I got it done: my personal blog for all things related to honing my craft is once again online! Now, for a few brief updates:

  • I lost all my posts when I deleted my websites a little over a year ago. In hindsight, it’s best to make sure you back everything up, because sometimes one’s behavior in the wake of emotional distress is extremely irrational.
  • I have finally started to read more often. In fact, I’ve met my goal of reading fifty-two books this year, with a month and a half to go still!
  • Also, I have started writing again. As a side note, I also discovered that my grammar is absolutely atrocious, courtesy of returning to school and majoring in Creative Writing Education.
  • Lastly, this year I decided to do National Novel Writing Month. I am currently over 18,000 words behind. I am about to attempt playing catch-up. We’ll see how that works out. In fact, I’m about to get a nice, cold glass of water (or maybe chocolate milk, as I’m feeling a wee bit childish) and sprint for the next half hour to an hour. Then, I will curl up in bed and read. Or sleep. I should probably sleep.
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