Theme Challenge 001: Introduction

Exactly five and a half years ago today, I committed to a theme challenge on DeviantArt with a few of my friends. I had been toying around with the idea and finally, after much encouragement, I caved in to the idea of creating a set of one hundred pieces of art, or in my case, text. Admittedly, I have made no progress on said challenge. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about it were it not for a dear friend of mine that I chose to talk to about my decision to tackle the New York Times‘ 500 personal and narrative  prompts. After asking for a link to the list so she could join me in my endeavor, my friend mentioned the theme challenge and I will admit that I hung my head in shame – not that she could see, given she was on the other side of the screen. From that conversation, I have decided to recommit myself to the challenge I took up June 7, 2011. Who knows, maybe my elusive muse will join me along the way!

In the wake of being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I have found reading and writing to be far more comforting and therapeutic than they were to me before hand; the act of putting pen to paper, as opposed to tapping away at a keyboard, keeps my mind free from distractions and garners so much of my focus that I am scarcely able to focus on other things. That said, I have chosen to approach the remaining ninety-nine themes via the route of short fiction. The first theme for the variation I chose to begin with (as I may choose another challenge when this one is complete) was simply “introduction” and so I have used it as a segue into what I intend to accomplish.

I hope that through this challenge and any others I may choose to take upon myself that I will find the comfort and healing that I desperately need. The remainder of this year and the next several years to come, I shall dedicate to honing my craft wholeheartedly. 

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