NYT Prompt 004: I Created Websites

Prompt: What things did you create when you were a child?

The more time I spend on these childhood prompts, the older I feel. For the most part, my younger years were spent writing, drawing, and playing pretend. There was a random assortment of arts and crafts targeted toward girls that I attempted as well, but most of what I produced was unremarkable. At least, until fourth grade.

I really don’t know what crawled under my skin, but at the incredibly young age of nine, I embarked on a most peculiar journey for someone my age: I taught myself to code HTML and built my first website using Tripod (yowza! that was a long time ago). My website, which I wrote every line of code for, was dedicated to the history of Ancient Egypt, which I had only recently become obsessed with. Thinking back on that memory, I have to admit I’m pretty proud of myself. Even by today’s standards, when creating a website only takes a few clicks of a mouse, a nine-year-old having their own website is fairly impressive.

Two and a half years later, in the summer following my sixth grade year, I advanced my knowledge of web design and, to my father’s delight, taught myself CSS, which, coupled with PHP, is used heavily in many website templates, especially for WordPress. I also taught myself to use Photoshop and Gimp. During this time period, I created several websites, most of which were hosted under the FreeWebs domain. I’m sure some of them are still lingering around in the vast space of the Internet, if I were to bother looking for them.

Nowadays, I let other people write the code. Like languages, coding is constantly evolving and with adulthood comes a lot of responsibilities. In the sixteen years that have passed since I created my first site, technology and web design has come a very long way and it is far simpler to find a theme that fits my needs and manipulate its coding to my fancy.

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