NYT Prompt 008: Toys I Never Got?

Prompt: Was there a toy you wanted as a child but never got?

I was a spoiled child. The kind that you could say “want in one hand, shit in the other” to, and I would tell you that the hand of “want” would fill up faster. If I wanted it, I got it. I didn’t always receive it immediately, – sometimes it would be several years, – but I eventually got what I wanted nonetheless.

I think the closest I ever came to not getting something I wanted was when I wished for a My Size Barbie doll, but even then I did get one. I couldn’t wear it’s clothes, which was the selling point at the time, but hey! I still got what I wanted.

Because I don’t really have an answer to this prompt, I suppose I could go on about my favorite toys instead; however, I think I’d rather talk about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that we had when we were younger. My father bought it for us a kids when in the mid 90s. The only problem, of course, was that there were only two remotes and there were three of us kids, which means we fought over it. A lot. As a result, my father threatened to take it back to the store, thinking that would mellow us out. It didn’t. And he took it back. We didn’t have another game system until several years later, when Dad got us a Nintendo 64. It had four controllers, so our fighting was left to what game to play, or who was being unfair.

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