NYT Prompt 012: Faith in Humanity by Mail

Prompt: What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever got in the mail?

I honestly can’t really remember anything that I may have received in the mail as a child, other than a set of wooden dollhouse furniture. In fact, the most memorable thing I’ve found in the mailbox happened only a couple years ago and actually did wonders for my faith in humanity.

While I was still living in California, I came to visit my mother for my brother’s graduation. While I was there, I lost my wallet. If you’ve ever lost your wallet, then you know exactly how gut-wrenching an experience it can be. I had no ID, no money, no cards. This dampened my mood for the remainder of our trip. Half-heartedly, I joked that maybe, just maybe, some good soul would find it and it would be in the mailbox, waiting for me when we got home.

To my disbelief, it was. I cried tears of joy. It turned out that my wallet had fallen out of my mom’s car at the post office town. One of the employees found it in the parking lot and shipped it to me. When I found it in the mailbox, I posted publicly to Facebook, thanking whoever had sent it (at that time, I did not know who the good samaritan was). As a thank you, my mother took them a cake on my behalf.

It was a heartwarming moment that I am glad I was able to share with the world.

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