NYT Prompt 016: Happiness?

Prompt: What are some recent moments of happiness in your life?

Well, that’s a tough one to delve into – especially if you take into consideration that I recently broke up with my boyfriend and moved back in with my mother. It was a painful choice to make, but it was in my best interests. That said, finding things to be happy about has been rather fleeting as of late. Nonetheless, I did finally get the laptop that I’ve wanted for several years (and yes, I still have buyer’s remorse over it).

Materialistic objects don’t really make me truly happy, though. I’d have to say being able to see my nephew more often, and seeing the way his face lights up has been a source of happiness in some form. The booger butt, as I affectionately call him, has a laughter that fills the room and is heartbreakingly sweet. When he smiles, I feel warmth. His attempts at talking are absolutely adorable too. He loves his bouncer, and he is also prone to falling asleep in it.

My cats are also a source of my happiness. The two of them, Otis and Garfield, know when I am in need of comfort and never fail to deliver. Now that I’m back home, they are finally as affectionate as they used to be, too. Otis did get out last week and was gone for a couple days, but the gingerbread came home – thank God!

I also have been given more hours at work, which means I can meet all my bills with some to spare. As a result, I’ve finally joined the Book of the Month Club!

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