(The Last of Humanity, #1)

(cover coming soon…)

After the Accident, the world as humanity knows it is has come to an end. Every man must fend for himself or face imminent death as the survivors discover that things are no longer the same. Children are born with mutations – some warping their bodies, others manipulating their very being. Foods that were safe are now ripe with poison and must be handled accordingly. Fresh meat that is deemed “clean” is virtually unheard of. From this destruction, two factions have arisen: the Clean – those who have not been corrupted by the fallout – and the Unclean – those who have been marred by mutation.

As years pass, settlements begin to dot the vast expanse of land that stretches between what once were the Rocky Mountains and the darkened sludge of what had been the Mississippi River. The Great Plains are now little more than a barren wasteland upon which a young girl and her family fight to survive. Rumors of a city to the east, Sanctum – a bastion of hope for what is left of the Clean, – entice Narise Malyn and her family with its promise of safety. The road that leads them there is hardly smooth, however; it is wrought with perils that they have never encountered, even at home.

On the western edge of the Forlorn Wastes, nestled in the foothills of those jagged mountains, lies another city. Here, the Unclean find refuge and are able to continue on with their daily lives, unperturbed by the purity of those fortunate enough to escape the Accident’s taint. That is, until a caravan sent to steal supplies from the ruins of nearby cities returns with a special package: a young girl whose very existence poses a threat to all.

Copyright 2012 © E. M. Jenkinson, all rights reserved.