Here’s a list of my current works in progress, as well as links to them if I am posting them online.

botccopyBlood of the Cursed: The Exile of Liryncka D’Kaer

To the outside world, the D’Kaer family appears to be perfect. Well versed in the art of shadowmancy and blessed by the Dark Queen, it’s no wonder that families from all around the country of Ikar vie for the privilege of having their children taught by Lord and Lady D’Kaer; that men and women line up in hopes of taking the hands of their son and daughter in marriage. They are oblivious to the true nature of the D’Kaer family’s power, and equally clueless of the monster of a woman that is hidden behind closed doors.

coverH E N S B A N E (NaNoWriMo Project, 2016)

In a small town, people have begun to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Cryptic messages, found in the most unlikely of places, hint at the occult. When the town witch receives a package of gruesome images and a single word, HENSBANE, it’s up to her to find out what it means and discover the source. Turning to her coven for aid, the mystery becomes a race against time as each new clue heralds the approach of atrocities that threaten to destroy the entire county.